Jianhui London

Upcycled plastic bottles - Big Aqua Water Lily leaf Bracelets



  • 1 strand of the bracelet
  • Upcycled plastic bottles
  • Hand-cut in its shapes 
  • Hand-woven on leatherette
  • Hand-painted or gilded

Available colours & Product codes:

Hand gilded Green/Silver - BL2161-26

Hand gilded Pink/Black - BL2161-24

Hand gilded gold with blue - BL2161-08

Hand gilded with green - BL2161-09

Hand gilded with rose gold - BL2161-10

Hand gilded gold with black and red- BL2161-11

Hand gilded Silver - BL2161-16

Hand gilded black with peacock blue - BL2161-06

Hand-painted Green - BL2161-01

Hand-painted Red - BL2161-03

Hand-painted Yellow - BL2161-40

Hand-painted peacock blue - BL2161-05

Hand-painted Spice - BL2161-07

Hand gilded Silver/Black - BL2161-23

Hand gilded Red/Silver - BL2161-25

Hand gilded Gold - BL2161-13

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