Jianhui London

Recycled Wooden Giant Beads and Berry Beads Set


  • 40 mm giant round wooden beads
  • Hand-woven leatherette
  • Clustered round wooden beads
  • Hand painted and gilded


Approximately 50-75 cm

Available colours & Product codes:
Hand Gilded Silver/Black and Turquoise - NL2199-HG0116,NL2010-13

Hand Gilded Blue/Silver and Turquoise - NL2199-HG0108,NL2010-13

Hand Painted Black and Turquoise - NL2199-01,NL2010-13

Hand Gilded Red/Gold and Red - NL2199-HG0111,NL2010-04

Hand Gilded Gold/Black and Red - NL2199-HG0112,NL2010-04

Hand Painted Lime Green and Red - NL199-H42,NL2010-04

Hand Painted Black and Red - NL199-01,NL2010-04

Hand Gilded Silver/Black and Silver - NL2199-HG0116,NL2010-02

Hand Painted Lime Green and Silver - NL199-H42,NL2010-02

Hand Painted Black and Silver - NL199-01,NL2010-02

Hand Painted Lime Green and Black/White - NL199-H42,NL2010-1401

Hand Painted Black and Black/White - NL199-01,NL2010-1401

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