Jianhui London

Recycled Wood Heart Pendant Necklace



22 mm round Recycled wood beads and Heart
Hand Dotted

Length: Approximately 55 cm

Available colours & Product codes:
Red Feng Shui - SCNL2310-80

Red With black/White Dot - SCNL2310-81

Magenta - SCNL2310-41

White with Red Flower - SCNL2310-14

White with blue flower  - SCNL2310-15

White with red buds  - SCNL2310-16

White flower on the black background - SCNL2310-02

Black/white swirl - SCNL2310-03

Black/white flower - SCNL2310-04

Yellow with red branches - SCNL2310-39

Yellow with flower - SCNL2310-40

Blue spiral - SCNL2310-40 

Black Abstract - SCNL2310-01

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