Jianhui London

Aqua Lotus Root Necklace - Hand-painted - Small



  • Upcycled plastic bottles
  • Hand-cut & hand-woven on leatherette
  • Hand-painted
  • NB: Peacock Blue Lotus loots are cut in square shapes rather than circular.


Approximately 120 cm

Available colours & Product codes:

Red - NL2148-03

Green- NL2148-01

Peacock Blue - NL2148-05

Yellow - NL2148-40

Blue - NL2148-35

Spice - NL2148-07

Turquoise - NL2148-02

Aqua Collection
In response to the growth of plastic pollution worldwide, Jianhui London has launched a jewellery range made entirely out of discarded plastic bottles.
The Aqua Collection is handmade and has the smallest carbon footprint possible, with no extra energy used in its production.

All of the pieces in the Aqua Collection are handmade and inspired by nature, in particular willow trees and lily ponds. Each bottle was thoroughly cleaned before being cut into different shapes; they were treated with environmentally friendly candle heat, to smooth rough and uneven edges; and finally hand painted or hand gilded. They are held together with either leatherette or recycled textile cord. The collection is made to the highest ethical standards, produced sustainably and kind to the planet.

Jianhui says: “If everyone does something small, then the world can be a different place. Big changes can come in small steps.”

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