Jianhui London

Pashmina Fishnet Infinity Scarf - Large - Hand painted



  • Hand-crocheted necklace
  • 5 x 5 mm wooden beads
  • 10 finisher hole per row
  • Hand-painted


140 cm long loop

    Available colours & Product codes:

    Summer Multicolour - NL1407-H36

    Hand painted Lime/Silver - NL1407-H59

    Gold/Black - NL1407-H07

    Summer green/Blue/Gold - NL1407-H17H19

    Teal with Gold Speckles - NL1407-H18

    Turquoise with Black Speckles - NL1407-H28

    White with Black Speckles - NL1407-H30

    Pre-orders can take 3-4 weeks for the order to be made, please get in touch before making a purchase, thank you.

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