Jianhui London

Next Pashmina Necklace Wooden Beads - Hand-gilded



  • 10-strand necklace
  • 5 x 5 mm wooden square beads
  • Hand-gilded


      Approximately 140 cm

      Available colours:

      Hand gilded Gold with Green/Silver - NL1094-HG3426

      Hand gilded Black with Pink - NL1094-HG0124

      Hand gilded Silver with Blue/Gold - NL1094-HG1608

      Hand gilded Summer Green with Gold - NL1094-HG1713

      Hand gilded Yellow with Silver - NL1094-HG2126

      Hand gilded Cobalt Blue with Gold - NL1094-HG3513

      Hand gilded Summer Green with Silver - NL1094-HG1726

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