Jianhui London

Big Ring With 10 Small Wheels Choker From Recycled Wood



Hand Made from Recycled Wood
Hand Painted


Approximately 45cm

Available colours & Product codes:

Gold With Gold Wheels - SCNL2433-0303

Black With Black Wheels - SCNL2433-0101

Red With Red Wheels - SCNL2433-0404

Red With Black Wheels - SCNL2433-0304

Gold With Red Wheels - SCNL2433-0304

Black With Gold Wheels - SCNL2433-0103

Red With Gold/Red Wheels - SCNL2433-040304

Gold With Black/Gold Wheels - SCNL2433-030103

Black With Red/Black Wheels - SCNL2433-010401

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