Sustainable and ethical

In designing the Aqua Collection, I have been inspired by nature. I often visit some water lily ponds close to the artisans I work with. These peaceful waters are surrounded by willow trees, and stretching far into the distance, the large cluster of green lily pads and the quiet beauty of the willow trees have provided the creative spark for these designs.

Every piece has been carefully hand cut and made entirely from the reused plastic, finished with leatherette or recycled textile cord. The edges of the plastic were gently treated with candle heat to make for a smoother finish and finally hand painted or hand gilded. Each item is unique and its look will depend on the type of bottle that was used to make it.

In line with our principles of working sustainably, no extra energy was consumed to make the jewellery, ensuring the smallest carbon footprint possible. As an ethical jewellery company, it’s important that we always strive to minimise the impact on the planet, working to the highest standards all the way down the supply chain.

Beauty in the unexpected 

The Aqua Collection for Jianhui London shows that even the humble plastic bottle can be turned into something beautiful. Our range is intended to shock or surprise those who see it, because the result is so unexpected and one-of-a-kind. 

I hope you enjoy the beauty to be found in reusing plastic. This collection is driven by my belief that we all have the power to do something small to help save the planet. Buying one of these unique pieces will also help support my artisans at a time that has been extremely challenging for everyone. They also make for a great conversation starter.

I wish you a happier, healthier and less wasteful 2021.

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